Welcome to my site, my name is Elena, and I decided to share my experiences in what I call my new life. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and multiple allergies, and even though I try to live as healthy as possible, things are not always easy. I know that there are a lot of you with similar issues out there, and I just hope that my experiences may help you in some way.

This site was born because in one of the company retreats, one the icebreaker questions was ‘what would be the title of the movie based in your life’, and I immediately exclaimed: I can’t eat that!.

This has been my motto for the past 5 years. It’s like I’ve been always expecting to, if not reverse, at least improve this. But alas, this is my new life, and as such, I must accept and embrace it. Food is not my sole problem; exercise, sleep, mood, and many other aspects that normal people don’t have to consider twice, are challenging for me on a day to day bases. There are some hacks that make things more bearable, and I’ll share them here.

See you on the other side!